We've partnered with our friends at Simply Framed to offer high quality custom framing made by hand here in the USA. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for your delivery. Frames are made with wooden frame moldings in your choice of a natural, white or black finish, and we use plexiglass for preservation and safety instead of glass.

Please make sure to order carefully from the drop down menus and note the mockup of your artwork with the crop, frame color and mat options before you make your purchase. All sales are final. More details about the frames and how they are made are below:

The frame.
The face of the frame is 5/8" wide and the depth is 1-1/16" except for the extra large sizes that come with a deep frame that has a 1" face and is 2-1/4" deep. Wider and deeper frames are available on other sizes with a custom order.

The mat.
The standard mat sizes for artwork up to 10x10 is 1.5" on all sides, and 11x14 has a 2.5" mat. Larger pieces starting at 16x20 and going up to 30x45 have a 3" mat. Extra large sizes do not come with a mat. Different sized mats are available with your artwork with a custom order. Please note that the mat ratios within the frame in the product photos may be slightly off. Please contact us if you have questions about the mockups. 

Each frame is made to order and includes archival acid-free foam core backing that is dry mounted via heat transfer that is 100% reversible. If you choose to have a mat, they are acid-free, custom cut 4-ply white mats with beveled edges. To help prevent long-term damage to your artwork, we use UV-shielding plexiglass (which protects about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission) and a spacer between the photo and the plexiglass so there's no contact. And all frames come with a protective paperback finish, wall bumpers, hanging hardware, nails, and hanging and care instructions. Smaller frames come with a sawtooth for hanging and middle size frames come standard with a wire. Extra large frames come with D hooks. Please make sure to tell us if you have a hanging preference for your frame that's outside of this standard practice when you place your order.

When complete, your framed piece is wrapped in bubble wrap, secured firmly within more protective packaging in the box and shipped via FedEx ground. We use recycled materials as much as possible. Rush shipping is available for an extra fee. You'll receive an email and tracking number as soon as your framed artwork is shipped.

Custom orders.
Custom frames and mats are available if you don't see the option you want in the shop. Please email printshop@denisecrew.com with your request for a custom order.

All sales are final.
Have more questions? Want our opinion of what we think will look best? Please feel free to contact us at printshop@denisecrew.com

More information available here.