I'm so excited to now offer digital downloads to the shop! For just $20, you can get art in an instant -- right now -- and handle the printing and framing on your own. It's an affordable option that makes art more accessible, something that's always been important to me. Here's some ideas if you need them:

These are framed by Simply Framed in White Gallery. That's Hi Henrietta in the front.

My favorite places are:

PARABO. This place is so fun! I highly recommend engineering prints if you want to go big on a budget. You can buy your print with a poster rail or clips, or just use your own tacks to attach to a wall. The newsprint is really fun, too. But that comes folded so you'll have creases in your artwork. Sometimes that's a fun option. They also offer fine art prints and canvas options but I have not tried those. If they are the same quality as everything else, I think it's a solid choice. You can get $10 off your order with code DNAUGG.

ARTIFACT UPRISING. They offer gorgeous paper and great, consistent color quality.  Look for the Giclée or the Large Format prints. They also offer frames. Love this. Use this link to get $20 off your order.

SIMPLY FRAMED. This is where I (mostly) print the artwork you buy here in my shop. They offer a great selection of paper. I use the Moab matte paper but I also love the Epsom Luster and Hannamuhle canvas rag if you want to splurge. Make sure to use code DENISE15OFF for 15% off your order.

SHUTTERFLY. This is my least favorite of what I recommend but it's typically affordable (they ALWAYS have a sale) and good quality. The color quality isn't super consistent. I am not a fan of glossy prints so I suggest opting for matte paper. But they also offer a thick cardboard paper that I like the best. It works great with desktop photo holders if you want something small.


Printed on thick matte paper from Shutterfly. This is Familia, one of my post popular prints.


SIMPLY FRAMED. This is where I frame everything you order in the shop. I've done all the research and they offer the best quality at the best price. I'm really fond of the Natural Gallery frame and the Old School Metal Frame in Black. (note sure if this code works for frames, too, but try it & let me know -- DENISE15OFF).


Your local neighborhood printer. I love the idea of supporting local small family businesses. That's what the majority of neighborhood printers are. My favorite printer in LA is Castelli. I like to ask around to see what friends recommend, or pop in to get an idea of their selection. You can always get a quote before you buy. I used to do a lot of framing at Aaron Bros and think they have good quality and options, too.


IKEA, Target & Michaels. If you don't want to have it professionally framed and are looking for the fastest or cheapest options, these are your best bets. You can also try places like Home Goods or TJ Maxx who sometimes have frames in stock. I've seen some nice options at World Market, too. Please note, I have never used any of these places but know they are all affordable, widely available and easy.



Once you purchase your print, you'll get an email to download the image. I do not recommend downloading it to your phone -- make sure it's downloaded to a computer. Once it's on your computer system, you can easily upload it to all online printing companies including the favorites I mentioned above. Pay attention to the size and ratio of your print. I offer most of my digital downloads in a full size ratio that's straight out of the camera -- sizes 16x24 and 24x36. Other common crops and sizes are 8x10 and 11x14. Both of those will be cropped on the sides for horizontal formats, and top/bottom for vertical formats. Each size will crop a little differently but most online printers give you freedom to choose the crop so make sure to play around so you know exactly what you're getting. IKEA offers frames in unique sizes so make sure you are able to crop to those specifications.

Village Bloom framed in Gallery Natural with a mat.

I love a minimal collage with tape.

Poster rails. This is Benson.

An engineering print from Parabo Press with poster rails. This is Road Trip.

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